Why Online Puja is The Way Moving Ahead

India, the land of festivals and traditions introduced ritualistic worship to the world. Earlier, people performed pujas specifically at homes or temples. As the times have evolved, we have found out an easy way for taking advantage of puja rituals. Regardless of the religion, place of residence, or mobility, one can conduct elaborate and grand pujas through online puja services. There are spiritual organizations that provide such services and perform every type of puja. There are pujas that serve every purpose be it a planetary Dosha, Vastu Dosha, health issue, academic problem, or financial crisis.

Importance of Puja

Hinduism encourages the worship of Gods and Goddesses in a sacred way. Just as every problem has a solution, there are different pujas that work on manifesting our desires. The mantra chanting done during puja has powerful sounds that resonate with cosmic energies. It helps pacify the malefic planets and appeases the gods. Pujas are ideally done on occasions, Hindu festivals, and on a daily basis as well. Different offerings made during the ‘Homa’ also hold special significance.

These rituals connect the worshipper with their higher spiritual self. The basic idea of performing puja is to invoke the deities and ask for wish fulfillment in their presence. Everyday worship at home, office, shops, etc. should be a part of the spiritual routine. This purifies the aura and enables the flow of positive energies. The recitation of Shlokas and Mantras in puja keeps the mind calm and composed. It cleanses our soul from within and helps us stay close to the divine power. Especially in difficult times, a puja performed with all your heart and devotion gives the strength to face challenges. It is another reason why every problem or planetary defect has a remedial puja. People conduct such poojas online.

How does an Online Puja work?

Online Pujas have now gained popularity and a lot of people are still unaware of this concept. Usually, people need to book a pooja by making the payment for the said puja. The organization taking your order for the online puja asks for your Sankalpa. After people submit Sankalpa, the team of Pandits performs a puja in your name. People will often stream pooja live or the team will arrange a video call. They also provide options for Puja with and without Prasadam. If you choose the option for Prasadam, then, they will be deliver to you within a few days.

Benefits of Online Puja

Saves Time

Booking an online puja saves a lot of time in terms of creating the list of ingredients, looking for a genuine qualified Pandit, preparing for function, and gathering other items. In modern times as the routine gets hectic, online pujas are a great way of staying connected to our spiritual roots.


It is the most convenient method of conducting puja and seeking blessings. An online puja makes it easier for you to perform the rituals without the stress of collecting the items and doing preparations at home. Those who are working round the clock with busy schedules and wish to remove planetary defects, issues in life, etc. can choose the online puja.

Safe for everyone

In testing times like the present-day pandemic situation, it is difficult to get every single thing required for puja and find a Pandit as well. Gathering items together for pujas can also be harmful in such times. Online puja allows you to take benefit of the rituals without interacting with people in person. It is the safest option to go for in the present-day scenario.

Maintain the integrity and Dharma

Apart from pujas done for the removal of defects, there are puja rituals that keep us connected to our culture. Those who are away from their homes can opt for an online puja. This will help receive blessings as the puja is performed with the Sankalpa of the respective person’s name. It is a great way of staying attached to our roots.

Pujas performed by qualified Pandits

The pujas done online are performed by qualified Pandits who are well-versed in scriptures, mantras, and the step-by-step process of the puja. With online pujas, you can rest assured that the pujas in your name are done in a ceremonial manner. This gives the full benefits of puja to the worshipper.


David Sanders is a digital marketing professional and blogger with a strong passion for writing. He shares views and opinions on topics related to Indian festivals & a lot more.

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