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Why the World (& the Brits) Finds Oriental Food the Healthiest

Brits love it.

So does the world.

Oriental food can be the tastiest food if you look for an alternative option to common European cuisines.

But the food from the Orient has also been found the healthiest cuisine compared to other cuisines all over the globe.

And that is why you might see restaurants and cafés of Oriental origin dominate the food industry.

Liking (or loving) Oriental food does not mean leaving British food. You can collaborate with these two amazing food sources and help them co-exist in your diet.

And doing that will only increase the potential of health in the food you eat.

In this blog, we are going to go through a detailed view of the health benefits of Oriental food. If this helps you out, then you might try cooking a dish or two from the Orient and share your feelings about it with your friends.

  • Reasons Oriental Food is Healthy (& Why Brits Prefer it).

While you are looking for bad credit loans with no guarantor online (probably for starting your own Oriental restaurant), take some time to visit Statista and consider facts where the underwritten has been found:

“The figure shows the Oriental food consumption habits in the United Kingdom as of November 2015. Chinese food was the preferred for takeaways and deliveries (75 percent), while Korean and Vietnamese cuisines were the favorite when it comes to restaurants (80 percent). Thai was preferred for cooking at home from scratches, and Japanese food led with 44 percent the choice of supermarkets ready meals.”

You can find more facts like this on this page: • Oriental food consumption habits UK 2015 | Statista

Oriental food in the UK is not only about buying it or considering it as a takeaway option.

People are so enthusiastic about it that they have been found trying out Oriental dishes at home.

And they are pretty successful at it.

Behind all this craze, there is definitely the presence of a healthy fact.

Or a bunch of them!

Let’s find them out then with the points mentioned below.

  • A Sip of Health through Soups
  • Less Meat; Less Dairy and Less Spices
  • A Healthy Option for Carbs: Rice

Well, without wasting more time let us get to learn about these points in detail.

1. A Sip of Health through Soups

A sip from a hot bowl of Soup can offer you the best health if you cook and consume it in the right ways.

What greater companion can there be on your desk than a bowl of hot soup in a busy ‘work from home’ afternoon.

Soups promise you that good health because they literally filter out the best thing your chosen ingredients have to offer.

With a bowl of soup rightly cooked, you get almost all the nutrition you need from food. You get protein, carbs; a little bit of fat; minerals; vitamins and a lot more.

Besides, soups can sometimes save you from the harmful effects of eating animal flesh such as red meats. You drain its nutrients; sip it yet discard the dangerous elements like all that bad fat and the fibrous animal flesh.

Plus, soups are consumed either hot or warm.

Okay! What does it do?

  • It regulates body temperature
  • Warm soup (like any warm drink) gets rid of the toxins in your body.
  • It Burns fat (yes, while you sit at your desk)
  • It improves digestion

And it also keeps you full for a period of time while not having to stuff your stomach with hard food,

That’s just great if you have Diabetes or you want to lose weight.

2. Less Meat; Less Dairy and Less Spices

Have you ever checked that Oriental food uses probably the least cheese and butter?

Not just that, most foods of this kind do not even have the concept of adding milk, such as what we found in the west.

Not all dairy products are harmful.

However, consuming them too much or over the limit can cause serious health problems such as Cholesterol and heart diseases.

Excessive dairy consumption is also linked to increased prostate and breast cancer risk.

And you know about red meat already. They aren’t good foods. They’re just tasty, and they might have a few of the vitamins common food does not have.

But, you can get them from fish, fruits or from supplements.

Red meat is considered dangerous because it is associated with increasing the chances of heart diseases and a number of cancers such as colorectal cancer.

Even eating too much lean meat such as chicken, duck (it is high in fat), or turkey can also cause the same issue.

Fish is the healthiest choice when it comes to lean meat.

Oriental food is rich in three things, and this includes Indian cuisine as well.

What they have for you is:

  • Dishes have fewer spices, almost no dairy products and less meat.
  • Research has found fish to be a healthier option than meat. Oriental food is primarily based on fish and that too the healthy fishes.
  • A number of Oriental dishes are entirely vegan or vegetarian such as Indian foods.
  • Oriental cuisine uses tons of veggies with a little bit of meat or fish or any sort of animal protein.

According to a blog from Health & Wellness on Asian foods:

“The Asian diet includes a healthy balance of meat and vegetables following a 3:1 ratio of vegetables to meat, which is filling while also providing the daily nutrients recommended according to the food pyramid.”

3. A Healthy Option for Carbs: Rice

Wheat or some of its relatives, such as Barley, can be a bit dangerous for some people.

They contain a fibrous protein called gluten. That is the reason bread is a bit stretchy in nature.

Gluten is never digested in our bodies. It mostly doesn’t have any effect on our physiology. But, people sensitive to gluten or those who have gluten allergies might suffer consequences like nausea, diarrhoea or similar health issues. This problem in the medical term is known as Celiac Disease.

Rice doesn’t have any such issues. Research has also shown that rice probably is low in the glycaemic index than wheat and, therefore, it becomes the best for people suffering from obesity and diabetes.

Oriental food also discards the traditionally processed sugars such as white rice.

In such cuisines, you will find the presence of healthier and organic options such as brown or purple rice.

To Conclude: The Way Oriental Food Is Eaten Is Healthy…What?

Have you noticed that Oriental food uses chopsticks?

Well, if you make some more research on that after you are done looking for bad credit loans with no guarantor, you will find that chopsticks encourage smaller portions of food eaten at a time.

That reduces the need to eat more but leaves you feeling fuller and done with your food.

Interesting, right?

Well, keep on learning (and eating) more on Oriental food.

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