Why you should consider a SAFe Agile certification course?

SAFe in an embellished acronym identifies itself as an extensible SAFe Agile certification. The embellishment is the lowercase “e” at the end turning SAF into SAFe. The additional “e” that makes SAFe “safe” is a great marketing consideration. SAF + “e” is safe to take. SAFe adds a level of security by minimizing risk.

Globally recognized certification: 

SAFe Agilist is one of the globally recognized certifications and is globally valid today. It is also internationally accepted. So with SAFe Agile certification, you can set your goal or dream to work anywhere in the world because you have valid and qualified certifications, skills, and knowledge to support your dream. your dream 

Salary increase: 

To pursue SAFe Agilist certification with SAFe Agilist training course salary package is one of the strong and promising reasons. If you achieve SAFe Agile certification, you will find your salary increased significantly. Current statistics indicate that SAFe Agilist holders are paid about 25% more than professionals without SAFe Agilist certification.

Access to Market Development and Growth: 

There are very few SAFe Agilist certified professionals who have had access to the SAFe community and forums for one year. Here all  SAFe Agilist Certified Professionals can discuss and share their SAFe knowledge, practices, and techniques taught in the SAFe Agilist training program. Gaining this SAFe certification will not only increase your reach but will also help you grow and demonstrate your visibility in the global market. 

Organizational needs for the better: 

Today’s business requirements vary by customer. Companies want to adopt a method of meeting customer needs. With this certification and training, you can learn how to implement the Lean Startup Cycle and Lean User Experience (Lean UX) to rapidly test concepts, innovation, and creativity.

Achieve Continuous Delivery: 

With the SAFe Agile certification, you can learn how to implement and integrate  DevOps as part of continuous delivery delivered to customers with a great team in place. The SAFE Agile certification and SAFe training train professionals who work with  DevOps teams to handle growing workloads by achieving continuous delivery when regular releases are possible. 

Improve decision-making skills: 

This is one of the most important reasons to choose SAFe certification and SAFe training. Decision-making is the most important aspect for any organization because on the basis of decisions the entire business will be dependent and influenced. SAFe training helps to apply Lean financial and Lean portfolio management to facilitate retention and implementation and thus enhance economic and estimation-based decision-making.

Rapid Release Value: 

SAFe principles support Rapid Release Train where the product is promoted to Rapid Release Train at the end of the sprint. This incremental product is something of value. In a word, SAFe Agilist certification and SAFe Agilist training enhance the rapid release of value-added features for customers. With certification and training, you will be able to achieve this goal. 

Tackling project complexity: 

The SAFe methodology is commonly used for large and complex projects. SAFe allows multiple Scrum teams to work together to create a complex product. The SAFe method is transparent, simple, and straightforward, works on a series of principles, and helps build a great solution. So to benefit from this method and apply it in your projects you must have deep knowledge of it, it will help you to know  SAFe details.

LeanAgile Approach: 

LeanAgile operates on the Agile Manifesto, which is nothing more than a set of standards, theories, and techniques operated by  SAFe and SAFe management, respectively. LeanAgile. The agile approach is about adapting, enabling, and practicing Agile’s core beliefs, standards, and processes. SAFe’s baseline is the three main streams or paths of information or data: Agile Development, Lean Product Development, and Systems Ideation. With SAFe training, professionals can learn to implement the LeanAgile methodology. 

Value for your resume and career: 

The SAFe certification adds a lot of value and weight to your resume and is sure to improve your career. This certification is in great demand in the world market. Since everyone today claims to be an Agile Professional, it is really difficult to judge and distinguish between certified and non-certified professionals. By earning this SAFe certification, you can stand out and validate your knowledge base in SAFe methodology. In addition, with SAFe training and certification, you will be selected by the best companies who truly care and respect professionals and implement Agile in their organizations correctly. and fast. 


Those who are not clear and convinced of why to choose SAFe certification and training should now be convinced with the top 10 reasons above to pursue SAFe Agile certification and training to create SAFe. So, if you are interested in training, come and apply for SAFe certification.

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