Your Guide on How to Clear Instagram Search History

Instagram is started as a visual content-sharing platform like photos sharing. But after some time after the revolutionary of video apps, the Instagram app updated its features and add a video sharing option. So it attracts many audiences from all over the world and forces them not to go anywhere else. It also opens doors of opportunities to build brand awareness by using this social media platform. That’s why over 25 million using this platform to reach more. And these numbers of businesses are increasing day by day. They use to prefer to increase their number of followers so that they also buy Instagram real followers UK for their account.

IG businesses or other profiles who want to build their visibility on IG used to share content to engage with people. Because when people open their IG account they can see content from different sources o their IG feeds. People also used hashtags and captions so that they can make their posts specific for some users. You can also use these hashtags to search for specific content from a specific brand. But when you search for specific posts it will remain history and next when you search for that post, the IG algorithm shows them as a suggestion.

The suggestion in the case is helpful but when it comes to personal search if someone picks your device and opens Instagram then they can also see your history. That’s not good for anyone because everyone has personal things. So for that purpose, you need to clear your search history. In this article, we will discuss in detail and tell you how you can clear your search history. So without wasting much time let’s dive into our core topic.

Deleting IG history for Privacy Reason

When you are using Instagram and searching for something it means it totally belongs to you. The thing that belongs to you does not mean that everyone can access it. Maybe you are searching for some funny content or looking for a specific brand and doing some search to get content that you are interested in. Even if you are searching for sensitive content then you don’t give the right to anyone to access your search. So that you can easily delete your IG search history for privacy reasons and you can clear all of your histories at once.

How to Clear Instagram search history

Instagram allows its users to delete or clear their search history in two ways.

  • Delete your search history all at once
  • Change your search setting.

You can easily clear your search history by following the easy steps that we are mentioning here.

  • Simply click on the options button from your profile.
  • After clicking on the options button you will see a setting option.
  • Click on that setting option and when it opens on its interface you will see a search history option.

From there you can clear your search history, and when you choose clear history IG will clear all of your previous data at once.

Why Searches Needed on Instagram?

Instagram is a mostly used platform for video and images sharing. People use this platform to engage with more users by sharing content. Millions of posts including images and videos are posted on IG daily. So there is a search feature on IG to search for specific content that is according to your interest.

You can especially search for that data by using hashtags. But it also needed that no one can track your search history. Then for this purpose, you can easily delete your search history.

As we already mention above now we are going to discuss this in more detail

  • When you are on the home feed interface and have done a search for content, now you have to do is to click on your profile logo in the right corner of your home feed.
  • After clicking on that now you have to do is to select search in the slide-out menu that appears on the interface.
  • Now what you have to do is just click on the option its icon looks like a cog. It will appear on the top left corner of the search page interface.
  • Now just click on clear history and boom! All of your histories disappear.

If we say in thrilling words all of your history is eaten by an anaconda. It sounds funny I just use these kinds of words to put a smile on your face.

Wrapping up

As we learn in this article that how you can easily clear your all of IG search history and no one can know about you what you have searched before.

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